Mile High - 16 Ounces

Mile High - 16 Ounces

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Mile High is a concentrated thickening and bodifying lifting spray that transforms fine, limp hair, lifts, and separates the hair while adding luster and volume. Mile High gives hair that "Denver look" locking it into shape.


  • Transforms fine limp hair
  • Doubles hair volume
  • Adds luster and shine!
  • Long-lasting volume and lift that is not stiff, heavy, or tacky.
  • Protects against humidity.
  • Can be diluted up to 8:1.


  1. Apply to clean, dry hair. Add diluted Mile High to a spray bottle or fogger.
  2. Spray into the hair coat from the roots to the ends while blowing the hair.
  3. Finish the drying process with the blower. Do not use heat on the dryer.